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Member since: 11/06/07
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She: 30   5'7   140
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    Club Encounters classiest Swingers club in Arizona....+18 yrs of age

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    Club Encounters classiest Swingers club in Arizona....+18 yrs of age

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    We Welcome All Couples, Single Men and Single Ladies All the time. We have private party rooms upstairs as well as a Orgy room and Couples ONLY room. Snacks and Food Provided as well as free drinks (non-alcoholic).

    Describe Yourself:
    Hi everyone, I would like to tell you about the Hottest and Best Swingers Club in Arizona. Club Encounters has the best crowd and parties around. Downstairs we have a dance floor, jacuzzi, bar (byob keep it in the car) , and large TV room with porn. Upstairs we have 6 party rooms , including a Couples only room, a orgy room and 4 private rooms where you can have any combination of people. . We have a Super hot DJ on the weekends who will play what you want to get that %#&Æ$! shaking. We have great food , lots of fun and are Open 7 days a week. Sunday through Thursday 8pm till 4am. Friday and Saturday 8pm till 5am. We have contest and prizes , and we play some fun adult games upstairs. So put on something sexy and come visit us .

    Tell us about your fantasies and/or real experiences.
    What hasn't been done at club encounters , I think the club has seen it all over it's many years. But I do have to say I love love love the TV Room !!!

    What else would you like to say, do, see, hear about or learn about.
    Using this Area As My personal Blog so read about all

    Ok So I just got home it is a little after 4 am and I am so exhausted. Let me tell you a little story of what happened tonight. 1st I had a date set up to show at the club around 9pm . So during the day I went and bought some new lingerie which is so pretty and pink. Well my date stood me up, ok so a bit pissed off when what walks in is a handsome tall dark stranger who gave me a shiver when I saw him. I love out of towners they are great fucks and I don't have to see them all the time..lol..Anyways He gave me the once over and I knew I would be fucking him soon. So I did the stroll which is when us ladies walk through the club to see what comes up. I ended up taking him into the carpet room and boy did he know exactly what I needed lots of foreplay and good fucking. We ended up having 2 guys come in and watch us for a while , then we ended up in the couples room with another couple , then back to our private room again.. and again , then one more time for good measure. It was an awesome Monday there was a good party tonight and I expect more to come on Tuesday with it being Two for Tuesday for couples which means 2 couple get in for the price of one which is Only $30 so Maybe you will see me doing the stroll Tuesday night so say hello and maybe you can get into as much trouble as I did..